Commissioning an ethical bespoke engagement ring.

Having a bespoke engagement ring commissioned can be a daunting process. I imagine it’s much like if I had to fix a car in order to ask my boyfriend to marry me. I would be a little intimidated.

Hopefully I can answer some questions here and allay some concerns.

Firstly, I am a nice person. I am not a high and mighty, snooty jeweller who will scoff at your knowledge of diamonds or turn my nose up at your budget.

The Start:   To begin, a quick email or a call is enough. You can let me know what kind of ring you are thinking of – you can send pictures, or just let me know ideas. Give me an idea of budget – a ballpark is fine and an idea of timeframes.

The Financials:   Most rings on my website fall between $3000 – $8000. Have a look around – but do compare like with like. I am more expensive than Prouds but a little cheaper than Chopard ; )

The Designs:   Some clients are 100% sure of what they want. Others are 1% sure. That’s ok! I’ll ask questions that come from years of experience in order for us to reach a final design that everyone is 100% happy with. I’ll sketch up some preliminary designs to begin with – obligation free. As long as they are on the right track, I’ll then send a quote and a 50% deposit will get me started.

The Making:   I could tell you how I do it but then I’d have to kill you…

The Finish:   When the ring is ready, the remainder of the payment is transferred and the ring is all yours.

The Proposal:   You’re on your own.