Fairtrade has gone all gold and glittery!

It’s finally here! After 10 years of hard work, passion and vision from people such as Greg Valerio, the Alliance for Responsible Mining, Oro Verde, FLO, and the support from like minded jewellers, the world is now seeing its first fairtrade and fairmined gold.

Greg Valerio is a very interesting person, with a real passion and understanding of the practice of gold mining, how destructive, socially and environmentally it can be.  Check out his website www.gregvalerio.com for all sorts of info and inspiration.

Here is the link from the Fairtrade site about the launch of Fairtrade gold.


As for me, I am waiting on my first order of fairtrade gold, and will be making a new collection to celebrate this huge, positive shift in gold production.  watch this space!