It’s going greener!

On the 24th January, Oro Verde underwent an audit by Flo-Cert the independent international certification agency for Fairtrade production processes and products.   This means that any day now we will hear if they have passed (I don’t think there is much doubt that they will) and I will be able to offer you the first ever ECO-Fairtrade gold.     It’s great news for everyone, the jewellery industry, clients, the planet and my conscience!  I will be creating a new wedding and engagement range as soon as I get my shipment of gold…  but of course will still be offering a bespoke service for one-off designs.

I have also found out that one of the biggest metal merchants in Sydney is supplying 100% recycled metal now.  Prevoiously this was limited to silver and copper, but they are now supplying gold too.   I will be using this recycled silver in my new collections which will be on sale at the Kirribilli Art and Design Markets on the 13th March, they will also be available online soon!

In other news it’s a scorching day in Sydney today, not the kind of day you want to be in your studio hammering and sawing and melting metal!