New things bubbling away…

So, it’s been a while since my last blog and maybe you’ve been wondering why.. (maybe not of course).

Well, I guess the simple truth is I’ve just been darned busy.  For what is usually a quiet time of year for weddings and engagements, this year has been a bit bonkers.  So much romance and so many wedding bells!   There have been crazy last minute orders – “Erm, we’re getting married on Saturday is that enough time for you to make our rings?” (It was Monday! “Plenty of time” I calmly said).  There have been wonderfully thoughtful engagements (I have recently been making a ring based on a verse from a book)  and there has been one particularly cracking wedding (I was bridesmaid – and oh the pain I was in the next morning).  Add to that all the other usual commitments that come with a business and a holiday thrown in for the sake of my sanity and that’s why I’ve have been remiss in my blog writing.

Also…  there are a couple of projects that I am working on – my new website and a new boutique collection of wedding and engagement rings.  Designing the boutique collection has been very hard – I have trouble when it comes to design as one idea leads on to another and another and another ad infinitum… so I end up with millions of options.  It has been sooooo hard figuring out which designs will make the grade and which ones will have to wait for another time to shine.  Watch this space.

The new website will hopefully be up and running in a month or so, as long as I can cram a bit more time into my day to get the content and pictures to the website designers… phew.

So, better stop writing this blog and get on with it hey?