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Zoe Pook Jewellery is proud to be the first and only licensed supplier of Fairtrade Certified Gold in Australia. Fairtrade Gold is a new certification that guarantees the gold has been mined and sold according to Fairtrade standards that create fair opportunities for disadvantaged miners and their communities.

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) often attracts poverty stricken workers looking to improve their situations. The work is hard, labour intensive and sometimes dangerous. These miners number 15 million worldwide and despite only producing 10-15% of the world’s gold – they make up 90% of the gold producing workforce. Often working in illegal conditions with poor living standards, no access to sanitation and education, their gold can be sold at as little as 70% of the internationally agreed price.

Laws are usually geared towards large-scale industrial mining having no benefit to local communities and leaving the ASM miners vulnerable, struggling and pushed into illegal work.

Fairtrade Gold enables ASM miners to improve their livelihoods and assures consumers that the gold jewellery they buy is responsibly sourced. Mines that have been accredited with the Fairmined label have many advantages: improved working conditions, gender equality, better sanitation and environmental conditions, no child labour, social and economical development and transparent administration.

Zoe Pook is passionate about Fairtrade and uses gold from the Sotrami mine in Peru which is one of a handful of mines in the world to be Fairtrade accredited.

Sotrami is a success story built from hard work, independence and a determination for equal rights.  Starting with a few workers who mined informally after fleeing the notorious poverty and violence of Peru’s highlands in the 1980s, it now boasts it’s own village of 3000 inhabitants, a school and an infrastructure to rival any Pervuian town.  It’s motto  - Por Una Mineria Con Rostro Humano - for mining with a human face - reflects perfectly the co-operatively owned mine that has gone from strength to strength.

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