Ruby Engagement Ring


One-of-a- kind Tanzanian ruby with Australian champagne diamonds, handmade engagement ring in Fairtrade 18ct rose gold.

This unique 6mm round Tanzanian ruby was sourced ethically from Tanzania. The mine is a partnership between British Jewellers and Tanzanian miners, where both the miners welfare and the environment are all given careful consideration. They also sponsor a local children’s home and orphanage.

The six champagne diamonds were sourced ethically from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. Their production and sale are subject to strict environmental standards alongside a number of programs set up with the indigenous population. The mine is committed to supporting community development.

The Fairtrade Gold used in this ring means that miners receive a guaranteed minimum price plus a premium on the gold they sell to invest in improving their business or in community projects, such as education, clean water and health care.

This ring can be sized to your requirements.

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