Ruby love

The luscious ruby has for centuries been one of the most sought after and admired gems.

Along with diamond, emerald and sapphire it forms the 4 “precious” gems. As some of you may know, ruby and sapphire are actually the same mineral (corundum – from the Tamil word Kuruvindam). Red corundum is ruby and the rest are sapphire.

Many of our gorgeous rubies are from Tanzania, and supplied to us by a British company that has a partnership with Tanzanian miners. supply these beautiful rubies knowing that the miners welfare, the environment and the ecology of the land have been given careful consideration.

Other rubies we may use occasionally are from Mogok, in Burma, Sri Lanka and Australia, all from ethically sourced supplies with known origins. The depth and range of colours in rubies is just stunning.

They’re hard little nuggets and rate 9 on the Mohs scale (Diamond is the only thing harder at 10). Which makes them not only beautiful, ethical but durable too…perfect for an engagement ring.