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Valentine’s, the perfect day to propose or a cheesy cliché? According to statistics around 6 million Americans got engaged on Valentines last year and the number keeps rising.

However skeptical you may be about Valentine’s Day it’s always special to give or receive gifts/words/sentiments of love. Walking past a shop recently I noticed their gaudy display, all red balloons, cards and plastic and it triggered a thought about the strong links between Valentine’s and Fairtrade.

If you are going to give a gift then even better it was made with love, created from sustainable sources in happy environments that helps to better others lives.

Valentine’s Day is in fact a celebration of St Valentine who helped others achieve their dreams of marriage and everlasting love.

Perhaps this Valentine’s Day we could hold this in mind when looking for gifts for our loved ones and buy products that have been made ethically and will benefit the communities they are made in. Something that is always at the forefront of my mind when I am sourcing gems and gold for my jewellery.

I’ve teamed up with Instant Karma Roses and Lindsay and Edmunds Organic Chocolate this Valentine’s Day to support a Fairtrade Valentine’s so take a look at their lovely offerings.

And for any of you that are thinking of proposing do drop me a line and we can talk about Fairtrade ethical engagement and wedding rings.