Why I do what I do.

Many people ask me how I came to be a jeweller and what I enjoy about the job. I guess one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is the satisfaction of seeing a finished piece of jewellery all shiny and sparkly on my workbench.  From a drawing in my sketchbook to a finished piece of jewellery on my bench is a frustrating, fascinating, challenging and ultimately satisfying experience!

zoes-benchThe other side of my job that I really enjoy is the interaction with my clients.  I am involved in a beautiful time in people’s lives and one in which people place a great deal of trust in me.  These are important rings – possibly heirlooms – but certainly deeply symbolic tokens of love.

It was this beautiful meaning behind engagement and wedding rings that made me uncomfortable holding back information about where the diamonds and gold that made those rings came from.  It gives me a great amount of satisfaction to be able to tell my clients that they gold in their rings is not dirty and that the story behind their diamonds and gems is not mired in violence.

How did I come to be a jeweller?  Well, it started in London with a very encouraging tutor who pushed me to change course to jewellery and goldsmithing. (Good idea..)   It was then 2 amazing jewellers, Esther Eyre and Ben Day who taught me all I needed to know about being a jeweller in the real world (outside the university walls…).  Then it was Greg Valerio who inspired me to be an ethical jeweller.  And here I am, still learning and growing. That’s the other nice thing about this job.. each ring I make gives me something new to figure out!